Oleksandr Kalinovskyi Thanks to Thomas Synnamon

100% hunk 100% male…

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Part I from stunning exclusive pictorial by photographer Thomas Synnamon featuring European Fitness Champion Oleksandr Kalinovskyi.



Synnamon took a little short period off and he’s back with this intimate portrait –classic Synnamon– in a New York City hotel with almost 26-year-old, who goes by Alex, fitness instructor/personal trainer (please check his site) but also a globetrotter and lifestyle in the making.


With 176K followers and counting, Oleksandr has been an incredible inspiration and male muse for many others, there so many people intrigued by his beauty, perfect teeth, squared jaw, big eyes, perfect fit body, but Oleksandr is a very dedicated fitness controller and disciplined “… March 2015 I had a goal have a nature and mature looking body. When I had stopped engage track & fields, I gained in 6 months 10 Kg of high definition muscles. thereat I started I was 57kg and now is 78kg, when…

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