“Joe & the Mighty Abs” Model Joe Bruzas by Adam Washington


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By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Recently, rising LA-based photographer Adam Washington did some athletic shoots with sexy model Joe Bruzas. 

The brown-eyed brunette is with Two Model Management, and has smoldering good looks. Oh, and his abs are becoming legendary!!!!


With a fast-growing social media presence, Joe is a fan favorite. He has shot previously on both the east and west coasts with the likes of Brian Jamie, Doug Inglish, Hard Cider and more.

As lens master Adam Washington moves into his senior year studying Media Management in college, his photography skills have become more in demand.


His free time is spent clicking and editing photos as many top male models are posing in front of his camera. While Adam has been using more indoor lighting, he has a preference for shooting outdoors.   

You will find many of his images utilizing the backdrop of the beach or parks…

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